Music News

Be a Chorister for a day

The Cathedral is hosting two events in June for boys in Years 2 and 4 and girls in Year 5 to experience life as a chorister...

Year 13 musicians say goodbye

Our departing musicians carefully selected the programme of music for their final concert at the College...

Thanks to our musicians and choristers

The run up to Christmas is always a busy time of year for everyone, but especially for our musicians and choristers!...

Solo Performance


A soloist is selected to play in Formal Assemblies each week. Typically, a performer plays four times in any given week. As with all opportunities in solo performance, this is an excellent opportunity for pupils to showcase their talents to their peers.

College Concerts

The College puts on a number of concerts during the course of the academic year. In addition to performances by the College’s orchestras and choirs, a number of soloists are asked to perform. These are typically the most experienced players across all year groups.


As well as being an opportunity to come and listen to some of the College's most talented performers, this is also an opportunity for pupils to practise their performance skills in a formal setting. All pupils and staff are invited to come and listen. Recitals are organised by Dr Howard and take place after school on Fridays in the Recital Room.